Phil Lakin and Paul Spencer, PA Photos Winners of EANA Award for Excellence in News Agency Quality

The European Alliance of News Agencies (EANA) has decided to give Mr Phil Lakin, IT Director and Mr Paul Spencer, Operations Manager, both of them at PA Photos, the 2007 EANA Award for Excellence in News Agency Quality. They get the prize for their contributions in establishing the ShootLive digital photography workflow. PA Photos, based in London, is a company within the PA Group also comprising the news agency Press Association.

The EANA Bureau, which is also the jury for the award said that:

"ShootLive simplifies the digital photography workflow process to such an extent that only the creative input of the photographer and skill and judgement of the editor are required to capture and deliver images from any event to clients in a variety of digital formats. The ShootLive technology was developed by PA Photos but is also available for other media groups".

The patent-pending digital photography process has been used to cover the FIFA World Cup, the Oscars and many other key events over the last twelve months.