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EANA welcomes the positive development for STA

The European Alliance of News Agencies welcomes the new funding arrangement for 2021 that has been agreed between STA and the Slovenian government, that provides for the agency's functioning. At the same time, EANA underlines the necessity for a secure contract also for 2022, in order for STA to regain its editorial autonomy that enables the agency to fulfil its purpose of continuously providing the national and the international media and public with the trustworthy news that established it as the leading news agency in Slovenia.

EANA has been closely following the situation in Slovenia for more than a year now, and will continue to do so in support of STA, our valued member.

The Board of EANA:

Clemens Pig, President of EANA, CEO of APA 

Fabrice Fries, member of the Board, President of AFP 

Elmir Huremovic, member of the Board, General Manager of FENA 

Clive Marshall, member of the Board, CEO of PA Media Group 

Alexandru Ion Giboi, Secretary General of EANA