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EANA urges Slovenian government to cease actions against STA

EANA, the European Alliance of News Agencies, expresses disapproval of the current actions of the Slovenian government against our member, STA. The latest constant pressure on the Slovenian national news agency makes it very difficult for the journalists there to work and to fullfill their public mission of correctly and timely informing the public and providing the Slovenian media with much needed and also much appreciated content.

EANA underlines disapproval of any action taken by the Slovenian government which would in any way limit the freedom of STA, and urges the Slovenian authorities to find a way in which normality would be restored. Should the government or the Prime-minister wish it so, the Board of EANA remains available for sharing best practices and possible solutions for STA’s difficult situation to end as soon as possible.

The Board of EANA

February 25th, 2021