Brandenburg Gate (Berlin) / DPA

EANA discusses disinformation in Berlin

EANA held it's Spring Conference in Berlin, hosted by dpa. We had very important guests during during the two days, and a full day of very interesting discussions on the topic of disinformation, but also about the future of EANA.

The Conference was launched by special guest Commissioner Gunther Oettinger, who spoke at the opening event about the importance that mass-media has for democratic societies. He also underlined the need societies have for trustworthy news as the ones provided by news agencies.

EANA's President, Peter Kropsch (CEO of dpa), said that “EANA is the the organisation for exchange about scenarios and strategies on the top level, aiming to guide our news agencies into a meaningful and prosperous future”.

Alexandru Giboi, EANA's Secretary General, pointed out to the keywords for the future evolution of news agencies, and of the media in general, as shown by the LSE study: Trust, Innovation, Diversification, Communication.

Jan Bayer, President of News Media International at Axel Springer, was the special guest to close the EANA Conference in Berlin. During his speech, he mentioned that the success of media can not be measured only in sales and clicks. “The media should be serving a higher goal, and that is delivering reliable information”, said Bayer.