EANA calls on Israeli authorities to secure journalists' physical integrity and working conditions even during these hard times

With all due respect to the extreme situation taking place in Israel, EANA, the European Alliance of News Agencies, points out the importance of the work of journalists, whose activities, especially during difficult circumstances, is becoming more important.

The Board of EANA learned that four journalists of Anadolu experienced dangerous situations and injuries during a clash between Israeli police and protesters in East Jerusalem, and strongly calls on authorities to protect their physical integrity and working conditions. By allowing journalists to perform their important work, states and governments show willingness towards transparency and manifest support of democratic values. Journalists should be allowed to do their jobs without fear of injury or pressure of any kind.

The Board sincerely wishes a speedy recovery to the injured journalists and is looking forward to a swift ending of the conflict.

For the EANA Board:

Peter Kropsch, President of EANA, CEO of dpa

Alexandru Ion Giboi, Secretary General of EANA