Image courtesy of STA

EANA alarmed for the future of STA under current conditions

The Board of EANA has received with great discontent the news about the ongoing crisis faced by STA. With no director general, after Bojan Veselinovic's unfortunate resignation, and with no funding, following the lack of acceptance for STA´s legal framework by the Slovenian Government, the Slovenian national news agency finds itself in an almost tragic and most alarming situation, recognized by both national and international stakeholders as being an actual danger to the good health of democracy in Slovenia.

The Board of EANA has continuously urged the Slovenian authorities to uphold the law and secure the much needed funding to STA, so that the agency can fulfill its duties towards both clients and the Slovenian society. Unfortunately, the interest of some of the Slovenian government's representatives seems to be different from the legitimate interest of STA, therefore the situation is getting worse for the media institution and its employees.

EANA supports any steps taken towards the positive resolution of the dramatic situation faced by STA, as real independent journalism cannot thrive under pressure of any kind. Once more, we are urging the Slovenian government to follow the simple steps towards the settling of the conflict and urgently resume funding of STA.

The Board of EANA: 

Peter Kropsch, President of EANA and CEO of dpa

Clive Marshall, member of the Board of EANA and President of PA Media Group

Jiri Majstr, member of the Board of EANA and Director General of CTK

Alexandru Giboi, Secretary General of EANA